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Dimitrios Manis via ZUMA A conservative activist and voter fraud alarmist is facing a  federal lawsuit Thursday over dubious allegations of massive voter fraud in Virginia. A civil rights group and four Virginia voters filed a suit against J. Christian Adams and the legal outfit he runs, alleging that Adams and the group violated state and federal law when it accused thousands of Virginians, many of them eligible citizens, of voting illegally. Adams, a former member of President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission, is the president and general counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), which in 2016 and 2017 published two reports alleging that thousands of “aliens” had committed felony voter fraud in Virginia and, in indexes to the reports, published personally identifiable information about those people. But many of Adams’ would-be criminals are in fact eligible voters, including all of the plaintiffs. In the lawsuit, a local Virginia chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens and four individuals allege that Adams and his legal firm violated state defamation laws, as well as federal civil rights laws that protect against voter intimidation. The lawsuit alleges that the reports Adams published are a form of voter intimidation against the people named in the report, and put them at risk by publishing their personal information alongside the allegation that they are felons.  The two reports, “Alien Invasion in Virginia” and “Alien Invasion II” used a flawed methodology in order to claim that more than than 5,500 non-citizens had registered to vote, and that 1,852 of those people cast nearly 7,500 ballots over last few decades. The reports claimed that PILF had obtained the names of thousands of voters who had likely committed felonies by registering to vote and casting a ballot. The reports’ indexes included names of these accused individuals, along with personal information including home addresses, phone numbers, and even some Social Security numbers (which were later redacted).  The group promoted its reports to conservative media, and Adams submitted them as evidence of voter fraud to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, the panel Trump convened last May after claiming that up to 5 million people voted cast fraudulent ballots in the 2016 elections. The president disbanded the commission, which was besieged by lawsuits, in January.  Mother Jones  reported on the faulty methodology in Adams’ reports last summer, after Adams joined the commission. The data analysis in the reports is “not just incredibly inflated; [it’s] designed—and specifically designed—to get inaccurate information,” election law expert and former Justice Department official Justin Levitt told Mother Jones last year.

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