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Ekonomou is one of several attorneys with ties to Sekulow’s ACLJ who are working on the president’s behalf in relation to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. Sekulow has previously said Trump’s private lawyers were being paid through Sekulow’s private firm, the Constitutional Litigation and Advocacy Group. In 2016, Ekonomou and Sekulow worked together as special assistant prosecutors for Brunswick District Attorney Jackie Johnson in a Georgia Supreme Court case, beating back a First Amendment challenge to a state law banning sexually explicit online contact with minors. A 1974 Emory University law graduate, Ekonomou prosecuted securities cases for the Georgia attorney general, then served in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta, where he headed the white-collar fraud division, ran the criminal divisions and served a stint as interim U.S. attorney. In 1983 he went into private practice and became well-known for work as a receiver. One judge appointed him in 1994 to take over an infamous nude dancing establishment, the Gold Club, and run the company while it was being sold. Georgia U.S.

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